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  • Custom Substrates and Packaging

  • Ceramic and High-Reliability Packaging

  • Space-Qualified Packaging

  • Packaging for Legacy Systems

Custom Substrates and Packaging

Single-chip, Multi-chip modules (MCMs), and 2.5/3D assemblies

Ceramic and High-Reliability Packaging

Radiation-hardened material and packaging processes eliminate the effect of radiation events on microelectronics; therefore utilization of high-performance package materials like High and Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC and LTCC), and Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) enable high-reliability operation of electronic devices 

Space-Qualified Packaging

Materials and processes are put in place to eliminate issues with radiation, extreme temperature fluctuations, and other electrically-upsetting events likely to occur in space

Packaging for Legacy Systems

Replacement packaging solutions maintaining footprint and form factor allow for significant extension of program life previously limited by diminished manufacturing issues