Radiation Effects

Expertise in radiation effects analysis, radiation mitigation through circuit design and layout, and radiation testing for validation. TCAD simulation performed on semiconductor devices to assess radiation impact. Total dose, dose rate, single event effects, neutron, and proton radiation testing executed to characterize performance of microelectronics.

Standard Products
  • 12-bit 3GSPS Radiation Hardened DAC
  • 4Mb ROM
  • Nuclear Event Detector
  • Solid-State Neutron Sensor
  • Radiation Hardened 16Mb SRAM (under development)
  • Radiation Hardened MRAM (under development)


Legacy Part Replacements

Form, fit, function equivalent devices to replace obsolete semiconductors. May include development of new silicon or assembly of legacy die into a custom package to meet equivalency. Provides extended access to legacy devices sourced directly from the OEM. Experience replacing FPGAs, memories, processors, logic, and power devices.